Name of the Club: Hungarian Sommelier Club
The Club, established at: 1134 in Budapest, Csángó Street 22. Floor 8/4.
The operational area of Club: Hungary and Budapest City

Status of the Club

The Club is represented by a judiciary substantive person, the president.

The purpose of the Club

Accordingly, the sommelier (one of the waiters duty) in addition to exercising responsibly for the catering operation, serving drinks (wine), besides purchasing, and working together with the Chef, about recommendations of developing in accordance with the individual items of the menu, the food and drink harmony.

The Club is currently basing a settlement (capital) activity, but as a national Club will take effect starting point in regional development in the later stages.

For the purpose of the Club, it works in the following activities:

In order to achieve the objectives of the Club, to ensure the economic conditions, will engage in economic and business activities, which may not be the main activity of the Club.

The Club is not engaged in direct political activities, parties independent, and does not provide any financial support or not receive. As well as parliamentary and county, municipal and metropolitan representatives candidate does not produce and is not supported.



1. Untutored people over the age of 18 may request admission to the Club and accept the objectives of the Club.

The membership forms of the Club:

a)  Regular members
b)  Honorary Members
c)  Supporting member

2. Regular members of the Club consist of the founding members , and more to join – supporting regularly financially and morally the Club – who are working in the hotel, restaurant, hospitality industry or closely related (tourism, supplier industry, winery) and supported by  two members of the Club.

3. Honorary members may be those who has already reached considerable activity achievements in the drink culture development and will accept the honorary membership.

4. Supporting members can be untutored person, or legal entity, or company not having legal entity that supports the objectives of the Club financially and morally.

Club member’s entry begins with recording. The question of the admission of regular and supporting members, the Board shall decide, the „honorary member" donation entitled to the general assembly. Regular and supporting members will be decided of the Board by simple majority.

The candidate should submit the request, duly completed and signed entry notice to the president of the Club.

Members of the Club exercise their rights through a personal activity.

Rights of regular members of the Club:

a) Participate in the Club's general assembly;
b) Advisory and a motion to exercise the voting rights at the general meeting;
c) Can vote and can be voted for any post;
d) The right to participate in events organized by the Club;
e) Make use of discounts offered by the Club;
f) Get information from office-holder.

Normal duties of the members of the Club:

a) Are required to keep the articles of Club and other association rules provisions or decisions of the organs of the Club;
b) The obligation to comply with the Club's operation, voluntarily undertaken their tasks and make reasonable way to help the Club’s achievement of objectives;
c) The obligation to pay the membership fee without delay.

The supporting and honorary members have no voting rights, but can enjoy all other rights.

5. The membership is terminated:

a) The member's resignation must be submitted in writing to the president, who clears the register of member on the date of receipt of the declaration.
b) The exclusion of the member: reasonable written request of any of the members to the board, may exclude the members of the Club who (which) activities, failure to prevent the implementation of the Club's objectives. The reasons for exclusion may be, if a member of the Club may cause financial damage to the reputation of violation, not public disclose unauthorized information. The decision on the exclusion of members shall be notified in writing within eight days.  Against the decision within 15 days of the appeal may be lodged by the next general assembly meeting. Until the bureau's decision on exclusion becomes final, the member concerned shall not exercise its rights;
c) Not paying the annual membership fee  (the president  requests  in writing, and  after the 90  day time limit set, the membership is terminated to  bureau decision) to cancel the deletion by the Bureau;
d) The death of the member, member of the entity's termination without legal successor.


1. The organs of the Club

The corporate bodies of the Club:

a) general assembly,
b) board,

The officers of the Club:

a) president,
b) board members.


2. The General Assembly

The annual general meeting of the members is the supreme body of the Club. At the general meeting untutored members personally, entity members by representative participate.

The general meeting may be ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary general meeting of the Club is held annually an extraordinary general meeting shall be convened when at least one-third of the members signed by the request, which states the reasons and purpose of the convocation. The general meeting shall be convened if ordered by the court.

The president will convened the general assembly (including e-mail as well) in writing.
The duly convened, shall be considered if the members of the meeting at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting shall be informed in writing of the meeting and given description of the object.

The general meeting shall have a quorum if members of 50 % +1 vote. If otherwise when the general meeting, due to the lower number of members is unable to take a decision, no later than in one month date within the same object, should be to set a new series of assembly, which – in released to members regardless – is a quorum.

If the meeting is un quorum - even if the conditions set out so far – will be only quorum, if the members attention has been called ahead in the original invitation.

The general meeting shall be recorded, validated by the president of the general assembly and the general meeting of members appointed by the president.

The decisions of the general assembly usually are made by open ballot, a simple majority. In case of a tie, the vote will be repeated. If the second time there is also a tie vote, the submission shall be deemed abandoned. The president of the assembly may order a secret ballot himself, or because of the initiative of one-third of the members.

Within two weeks of the general assembly, the decisions of the board have to be in writing - a verifiable way – communicated with the stakeholders.

Exclusive competence of the general assembly:

a) to elect its executive bodies: the board , including the chairman and two board  members
b) to decide important matters referred by the board concerning the Club, and develop the Club's position on the current issues , which the board shall represent;
c) to approve or amend the statute, and other Club regulations;
d) determine the degree of membership fees due for the following calendar year;
e) if necessary, establish special membership fee;
f) discusses the motion put forward by the members;
g) the proposal of the board, choose the candidate for honorary membership on the basis regarding the election;
h) adopt the board's annual report;
i) to establish annual budget, should discuss the annual financial plan , the financial statements of the previous annual financial performance of the plan on 2000th Act C made under the provisions of the law review.
j) merger with other social organizations, as well as the dissolution sweeping.

3. The Board

Responsibility for the operational management of the Club sees the three -member presidency. The board of the assembly is elected for two years.

Members of the board are the president, secretary and treasurer. Tot the board meeting – matter to the subject - in some cases more members can be invited.

The board meetings are held as often as necessary, or at least every two months.
Meetings of the board is convened by the president, in case of obstacles the vice president in writing.
Regularities of the convocation will be considered if the members are informed at least eight days in writing before the date of meeting, and they are informed about the descriptions of the meeting. The board meeting has a quorum if all three members are present. Decisions made by open vote by a simple majority. In case of quorum - no later than 30 days - the board should be convened again. Due to the quorum re-convened seats can only have a quorum if at least two board members are present. In case of a tie, the proposal shall be considered abandoned.

The board shall decide on any matter, in cases which does not refer to the articles of Club exclusive competence of the general assembly. The board between the two assembly activities reports to the general assembly, and the action of the general assembly approves it.
The presidency, in its sole discretion to determine the distribution of tasks and own rules of procedure, except that the tasks within the competence of the board members the person elected by the general assembly only allowed do it.

4. The Club officers

The officers of the Club are the president, secretary and treasurer.

Duties of the president:

a) Representation of the Club,  the acquisition of rights, obligations and commitments;
directs the work of the Club , represents the Club at courts , authorities and other third parties,
b) Reconciliation of the general assembly and board meetings;
c) Organizing events;
d) Request the authentication protocol of the assembly recorded;
e) Managing the operation of the Club;
f) The right of the bank account belongs to the president alone;
g) Exercise the rights independently of remittance.

Duties of the Secretary:
Organizes and manages the affairs of the Club by the managing of the president, helps the president in administrative cases. Assist the president in the case of absence – for this period of time owns a substitute representative authority. In case of substitution, the vice president exercises the rights of the Club and the president with whole law and competence.

According to the statutory provisions manages the Club's assets, up to date, lead transparent records and assets of the Club, host the method, and informs the presidency permanently.



The president manages the bank account of the Club (if unable, the Secretary).



1. The Club's financial tools

The Club's income:

a) membership fees,
b) the entity member’s transfers,
c) gifts,
d) applications,
e) 1 % of income,
f)  revenues from the work of the Clubs,
g) income from events of the Club.

Regular members of the Club, annual membership fee is paid monthly, membership fee is determined by the general assembly. The member fee for the month has to be paid by every 10th day.

2. Use of the Club's funds

Appropriate use of funds of the Club shall prepare an annual budget. The budget for the coming year and the previous year's budget report is presented by the president to the general assembly for approval.

The Club is responsible for its own debt, with its own wealth.


3. The termination of the Club

The Club is terminated if:

In case of termination without succession, after the settlement of creditors the presidency will decide about the remained property.



Over the operation of the Club legal control exercises the prosecution by the Civil Law 11 § (1).


These common ground rules of the Club were accepted by the general assembly on the 29th of October 2013.

After that, the general assembly held on the 10th of March 2014, has been accepted it again.

I, the undersigned president Gábor Kovács, certify that the text of this new statute corresponds to the current content of the statutes adopted at the general meeting on the 29th of October 2013, and then re-approved at the general meeting on the 10th of March 2014.


Kovács Gábor
President of the Club